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W O R L D    D E V E L O P M E N T    S Y S T E M S



World Development Systems ("WDS" for short) have spent more than thirty years working with what we call "intelligent energy". All living things are comprised of interconnecting fields of this kind of energy, and wellbeing arises from having these energy fields in a balanced and directed state. 

WDS is where you will find technology for the new planetary consciousness.

Under Construction!

As a project for early 2024 we are completely rebuilding our company website. Please bookmark this site and check back frequently as there will be continuing additions of content. No actual product links as yet, please continue to buy from for now - February 5, 2024 :-) 

Notice: WDS is in the business of metaphysical technology. This is not recognised by regulatory bodies such as Trading Standards so we have kept product descriptions short in order to minimise saying anything that might cause concern. With this in mind please accept our assertion that we do not give any kind of guarantee that any heath conditions might be improved. If you or any follow-on recipients of our technology have any kind of medical condition you are strongly urged to seek conventional medical attention.

Resources to help with computer and mobile phone EMF, as well as creating a healthy energetic space in the home or office.

EMF and Creating A Healthy Space

Tap water is supplied as a result of constant recycling through municipal water filtration processes. This process does nothing for the psychic sludge from the of the many people who have drunk it previously. Our water enhancement technology helps to address this.

Food and Drink

Mats for enhancing plant growth and wellness, and support for bees.

Garden and Nature

It can be very difficult to live or work in a place where geopathic stress exists. Such stress allows different kinds of discordant energies and entities in. We sell tools to help bring balance to this kind of problem.

Geopathic Stress Balancing

A selection of tools for enhancing meditation and personal energy balancing

Meditation and Metaphysical Support

e-Lybra and ONE system technology for professional practitioners and clinics.

Practitioner Devices

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